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If You Have To Ask, You Don't Need To Know

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Gacked from mythicwriting! This really does work. At least, it did for us!


Tried and true by me! Pass it on to your friends and spread the good will!

These are all tips that have helped me become a better peerson [not a typo]. I used to have a rotten temper, but thanks to these five things that I have learned to do, I am more likely to laugh with you at me than laugh at you! "Thank You Self-Esteem-Pals! (TM)"

1. Keep an idea image of your outfit/makeup/hairstyle in your mind, and make sure you think you look good! 
2. Avoid cameras/reflective surfaces
3. Take the piss out of everything you can! Laughing is good for your matabolism and burns calories better than running! [Not really, but if you keep thinking that, you'll laugh more and you won't have to go on that 10km run you were thinking of doing!]
4. Make as many jokes as you can! Doesn't matter if they're terrible! If you think they're great, the rest of the world will have to learn to shift their perspectives so it is funny to them!

AND [make sure you do this at least once a day!]

5. Take the Mickey out of yourself. It may not sound very good, but it is a guaranteed way to boost your self-esteem. If you don't take yourself so seriously, then if you screw up, you are not very likely to think "I'm a screw-up. Nothing I do works!" and screw up again! You will be likely to think "Okay, that was funny, but I'm sure I'm not really that bad! I know I can avoid falling over when I play soccer" [the thing I laugh (and love!) about myself the most!] If you fail, laugh it off. You're more likely to succeed with good thoughts running through your head than bad!

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Well, we went down to the glasses shop this afternoon and I am now the proud owner of a pair of spiffy new glasses. I'll post a photo as soon as I can come up with a descent one.
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I have been given a curse, I fear. I have been reading a book written in 'thee's, 'thou's and 'ye's, and none of ye will ever guess the curse.

That's right. Thine nutty pixie hast been forced into talking like the book. 'Twas a curs-ed book, to be sure. Ye have no idea how many stares I have gotten over the last days. I have been talking like this for a little over a week, mostly at home, but also out and about. 

*starts acting like a gossipy Middle Age Queen* My school art having a Faire-thing, and I have written a few plays. Dost anyone think I should volunteer the plays to be performed at the Faire? I am undecided. 
Maybe I should recite poetry? That would go down well with my current curse.
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All hail me for I am the miraculus healing machine!

Okay, I'll explain.

After only sleeping for a max of three hours last night (went to bed at 9:30, dragged my half-dead carcass out of bed at 7:30) and having a v. high temerature for 2 days, a headache for 4, a sniffle, a cough and a lot of heat flushes, I finally managed to fall asleep this afternoon for a half-hour. Which I had been trying to do all day.

I woke up at 3:00 this afternoon with only a blocked nose. And nothing has come to visit me, unless you count a couple of sneezes.

I know, I know, you wish to worship me --

*buffs fingernails on shirt*

-- but, please, you don't have to.

Well, if you insist...

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It took me 15 hours to read DH: 930am, when I was finally in my furry little paws with a squeal to when I shut the book with a sob at 1230am this morning.

I loved it, but I really wish I hadn't read it. Now I have nothing to look forward to, unless you count releases from Traci Harding, Garth Nix or Jennifer Fallon (All Aussie, imagine that. 2 in Sydney, 1 in the Northern Territory). But what when they've gone?

I grew up with Harry Potter. It is the only hard-core fantasy I can read in any mood (Only one of the other three writes hard-core fantasy on a regular basis; the other two are historical fiction and occasionally he writes sci-fi).

I started reading Harry Potter in 1999, a year before GoF was released. Since then, I have been living from one book to the next. What now? Nothing, that's what.


Dear JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the many fans that routinely wander through this small area of the www;

It might sound a little overly dramatic, especially when it is considered that I have a book being published soon, but I found, after the hard cover of my copy of Deathly Hallows crashed down, a tear staining the cover, that most of life's fun had vanished from within me. Without brand new Harry Potter adventures to look forward to, there doesn't seem to be as much anticipation.

Te proof I didn't want that I'm growing up. Something else I never wanted.

I shall miss Quidditch most of all. It is a delightful game, made up by the brilliant mind of JK Rowling. Perhaps you've all heard of her? She's a woman, a mother, with a great imagination. She gave us the Harry Potter books. Have you hard of them, then?

She is one of the reasons I don't write full-fantasy. How could someone run along side her, even deluding themselves that they had even a smidgen of the things that made her books sell? Even Tolkien, if he were alive, cannot surpass her might with the quill and parchment pen and paper keyboard and computer.

Faretheewell, Harry Potter. I shall miss your adventures, and your triumphs. I shall also miss your games, and your duels. I shall miss your battles with Malfoy, and I might, every now and then, even miss Voldemort and Bellatix.

I shall see you on my bookshelf, Potter, when your binding cracks and dries, and your covers fade. I hope one day I achieve a smidgen of the success of your friend, JK Rowling. Even two fans making a website for me to discuss the many things within my book and short stories. I would meet them, talk to them, have some fun.

But, until then, Harry Potter, I shall meet you in my imagination. Maybe even after I pass into Keridwen's posession, if the gods see fit to introduce me.

~ Arieska Electra Alexander
Author of Many; Friend of None
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I will not be available for the next two or three days for reasons I am sure everyone will know.

I'll be in court for my sister's murder.

I kid. That's next weekend. Especially if she continues to spout spoilers.

See you on the 23rd, everyone!

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It really is horrile that people want to spoil the only good thing that's going to happen to me this year. I was reading an article in my local newspaper (I mean, you have to think that it would consider those of us who like surprises) and I was hit with a spoiler of the first chapter's title!!!! Something I did not want to know because now I have all these things to think about!

I told my friend about my current home in a cupboard, and she asked me later what I was doing reading an article about DH when I had the door between me and it. I told her, "Everyone scratched a hole in the door and now I'm going to have to find some plaster to fix it."

And then I was walking to class, and someone was discussing the 'ending of the book' in a really loud voice. I overheard. I was going to strangle her, but the crowd pushed me away from her.

I mean, there has to be someone out there, aside from me, who realises that there is more to life than annoying the crap out of millions of people. If you find a spoiler, keep it to yourself!

As I sent to the newspaper that published the spoiler:

Thank you so much for publishing that Harry Potter spoiler today. I really love learning things ahead of time, especially when people think we should wait until the actual book comes out on Saturday.

Yeah. That was sarcasm. 

The fact that you are publishing spoilers while attempting to alert the world to the presence of them is not only stupid, it's irresponsible. Drunk P-Plater irresponsible. Some of us like surprises. Some of us would love to get through the wait to the last book without having to dodge spoilers in the papers. on the internet is expected. But publishing spoiers can be seen as an infringement of JK Rowling's copy right.

Stop. Doing. It.

Have a nice day, w

How dare they publish spoilers in the paper?! You would expect it, as I said, from the internet, or a magazine, but not from a bloody newspaper!!!!!

Gods, I hate humans who love to spoil things for other people. Sometimes I wish I could simply grab a long rope and hang them from a tower.

Jilgar nilgats

Oh, yes, and thank you so much for the spoiler, Ben. You know just how much I LOVE them!

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Here you all go. The next installment of my latest Deathly Hallows offering. I will keep posting these until it's finished, regardless of what the real Deathly Hallows says.

8. The Trouble with FallingCollapse )

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